St. George’s Abbey Museum

The former monastery of Sankt Georgen is now a museum. Sankt Georgen was once inhabited by monks of the Benedictine order. Many parts of this old monastery have been preserved unchanged. Today, the monastery is one of the most interesting buildings in the Lake Constance region and is protected by the Swiss Confederation. On your tour you can visit the former living quarters of the monks and the abbot. The beautiful garden is also worth seeing.

Untere Abtsstube

Information boards and tablets provide information about the history of the place and its unique atmosphere.


The rich furnishings of carvings and the numerous wall paintings bear witness to the prosperity and education of the last monks in Sankt Georgen. The highlight of the museum tour is the reopened banqueting hall with its wall paintings. The murals form a unique ensemble from the time around 1500. The subjects of these paintings show an interest in the ancient intellectual world.


On your tour of the museum you will also pass through the garden of the former monastery. It is located directly on the banks of the Rhine and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The garden was recently planted and now also contains herbs and medicinal plants.